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Lenny the little daschshund who thought he was a lion


City of London, United Kingdom

Posted June 25, 2014

I'd recommend a wire-haired dachshund to anyone who is looking for a faithful little companion in life but not to someone who wants a co-runner on their 5k early morning run!

I got Lenny from a local breeder (non-professional) and from the start he fitted right into the family. Dachshunds are just the cutest cheekiest little personalities around.

For some strange reason, Lenny didn't particularly warm to other dogs and seemed to prefer the company of the family more. In his head I think he thought he was the size of a lion which often caused a bit of problems at the local park when he would try to engage with other larger dogs to play who he was unable to keep up with.

Having had both cats and dogs I think a dachshund can sometimes bridge the gap between cat and dog. He absolutely adored being groomed in any shape or form. He would happily sit for hours if I needed to brush his coat after adventures outdoors. Lenny would spend most of his day asleep in one particular armchair catching the sun coming in the window! In that way I find dachshunds to be low maintenance - they will keep themselves occupied indoors a lot.

As Lenny aged and got arthritis in his hips he got a little more aggressive to the point that I was not comfortable having children around him who might poke or prod him accidentally.

I wouldn't recommend a dachshund to someone who who does not have the time to invest early on and also the ability to accept that there will always be barking. It really took quite a while for Lenny to be house trained and, to the end of his days, he was a barker. He would bark at anything or everything, even the wind!

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