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United Kingdom

Posted June 24, 2014

Our Daschund is lovely company.I work from home so I need a relatively quiet companion. He does his have moments however. He loves to bark at anyone who dares to approach or ever walk past. He also can't be trusted off the lead as I have ended up having to sprint after him once or twice. He's quite good with other dogs but prefers larger dogs to smaller ones. He gets very vocal when meeting a dog he takes a disliking too and the same with humans. My Dashund does turn into a very noisy thing, pulling on his lead at times which can cause quite a scene! But most of the time he is very easy to walk and is enjoyable company.

He's highly affectionate and very good in the home. He always listens when we tell him to stop or go to bed. I can trust him totally with my children and he's aware of when they're upset or hurt. I wouldn't recommend him as a watch dog as at night time he doesn't seem to notice anything. My husband works late sometimes and the dog ignores him totally. This is a different story during the day!

My Dashund is fairly low maintenace. He is very relaxed most of the time and only needs a short walk to keep him happy though he has been known to walk for miles! Toys don't last very long with him as he is a very strong chewer so be prepared to go through many, many toys or buy the extra strong ones.

I would recommend Daschunds to people who perhaps can't walk for miles and need an affectionate, easy going dog. Be warned, you will get a lot of attention from people when walking him. Sometimes we get stopped several times on our walks!

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