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Dachshund Rescue


North Carolina, United States

Posted June 1, 2014

I have always been quite the animal lover. Honestly, there is no animal that I've ever disliked. So, when a family friend told me of an abused dachshund that he had heard about, I jumped at the chance to help.

My family has always loved dachshunds. You could even so far as to say that it's our 'signature pet'. Every since I was little, there was always at least one of the little guys running around under foot. We've mostly owned purebreds, and mostly bought them as puppies. This was the first adult dachshund that I ever took into my care.

Of course, it needs to be taken into account that I rescued the animal from an abused home. The poor thing didn't know how to act around people. She was scared, timid, and nervous. A little bag of skin and bones that cowered in the corners. It took a lot of love and hard work to gain the animal's trust.

That being said, the dachshund, which had been named Angel, was never aggressive because of her past. She was frightened, but it hadn't turned her, which refuels my strong belief that these dogs are perfect for families and loving environments, especially around children.

After a few months and a couple of vet visits, the dog was nursed back to health and she was just as fun-loving as any dachshund I'd ever owned. Care free and playful, she had her own unique personality and (it seemed to me) a certain a joy in life.

She was already somewhat trained when I rescued her, so there was no need to house train. However, and this was a little bit odd, I've been able to teach Angel quite a few tricks. She can howl on command, turn in circles, roll over, etc. I don't typically have this kind of experience with dachshunds, so there is a chance she may have been trained prior to living with me.

Either way, Angel is adorable, and this type of dog is certainly one of a kind.

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