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Poppy Seed


United States

Posted January 11, 2014

Poppy came into my life when she was just a puppy. She was always a small, demure little girl with the best temperament I have seen in a small dog. She is very quiet and usually only barks when there is company at the door. She does not do very well around strangers and hangs back when they are in our home. She also does not like being approached in public by strangers and will hide between my legs and shrink back from their touch. She is an adept watch dog and will bark whenever she hears a stranger near the house and try to alert the nearest person.

She is playful outdoors, but not as active as my other dogs and prefers not to compete with others for attention or playtime. She is very submissive and quiet and is very relaxed indoors, preferring to lounge on my lap instead of playing with the other dogs. She's a great cuddle companion and loves affection! She does has the dachshund streak of defiance when it comes to house breaking though. It has been a year of working with her on training and she will still have the occasional accident in the middle of the night. Her coat is almost like that of a long haired dachshund, so she does need brushed every day and trimmed occasionally. She is great with kids! So much so that my mother adopted her to be my little brothers forever friend.

Overall Poppy is a great addition to any family!

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