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United States

Posted June 27, 2013

Sadly Vladi is no longer with us. We had him for four years before he ate a toad and he passed on. However he was a good dog, and he was the first dog I named. He was playful, but loved to cuddle and sleep with anybody. He would chase the cat playfully and she would bat at him and he would run off. He was easy to train, and he was smart enough to know that when we said his full name, Vladimir. Being crate trained every time we all went off to work or school he knew to go in there. He also knew when it was bed time and went in there. When we had a Corgi, they ran after one another and rushed around the back yard loving it. He knew how to sit up and balance on his hind legs and beg cutely, and one funny habit he had was when one of the dogs got outside the electric fence, he would come in and whine and tell on them. He was the biggest tattle tale animal that we have ever had. In honesty, it was pretty funny. Being half yorkie, he did not trigger dog allergies as much as any normal dog would.
Vladi also had his bad side. He wined, a lot. He was not a barker to much unless he was being a little skittish or trying to warn of something. Or if he saw stuff outside that was nothing, like a lizard he would whine to get out. He would whine that he was hungry, or just for no reason at all. Vladi also liked to lick toads until one day he probably ate a toad and passed on. He also left a lot of hair everywhere, but not as much as some people would think. Maybe once every couple of weeks we would have to sweep, not counting Percy’s hair everywhere. And if he started to bark, he would not stop. Vladi did not bark that often but when he did he would keep going until we had to yell at him to shut up.

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