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Adventures With a Doxie-Corgi Mix!


Florida, United States

Posted July 4, 2015

Ella is my most recently adopted dog. When we first adopted her, she was terribly shy - it was beyond difficult to get her to leave her crate, let alone actually greet us. Still, I was persistent to get to know this beautiful dog, and waited patiently for her to become acclimated to me and my family. Once I took her for a walk, I knew I was immediately in love with this dog and adopted her right then and there.

About two hours later, my family and I started to introduce our two other dogs to their new sister. Naturally skittish and newly afraid, Ella wiggled herself out of her collar and ran straight into the woods! For two whole months, we had no knowledge of where she was or how she was doing, save for the occasional sighting by someone else's area. Towards the beginning of March, Animal Control spotted her and returned her promptly to us. That was a miracle, definitely, but what was even more remarkable was the fact that she had no scratches, bites, bruises, or fleas on her whatsoever.

Of course, after this, I made sure to have extra-special precautions with Ella, especially when I or one of my family members took her out for a walk. Ella is an amazing walker who never, ever leads and simply enjoys the fresh air and sunshine. She is also an incredibly docile soul who has such a big smile on her face any time one of her owners greets her!

Her previous owner, who surrendered her, crate-trained her and she now prefers the comfort of her crate to any blanket or cushion we present to her. She is incredibly playful and is always such a happy little girl - sometimes, she's so excited to see us that she actually tips herself over and starts tinkling out a little puddle of pee. Gross, definitely, and yet somehow oddly endearing?

All in all, I absolutely recommend a dachshund-corgi mix. My Ella is the perfect blend between protective and approachable. In example, she will always stand guard in front of me or my family if she senses a threat, but she is also calm and sweet enough to allow all kinds of people to approach her for a head scratch or something similar. She is an absolute ball of sunshine and I cannot wait to have many more adventures with her in the future.

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