Foxy Roxy

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Foxy Roxy our little Dachshund


United States

Posted December 4, 2013

My dad got us Foxy Roxy from a woman who owed him some money. Daddy knew that my kids and I wanted a dog, so he made the deal. When he brought Roxy home, she fit right into my hand. She was so tiny!

The woman told my dad that she didn’t know what to feed a dog, so she fed her Cheerios in milk. At our house, Roxy likes eating dog food, people food and cat food. We were worried about how she would get along with the cats, but they accepted her into the family. Because she is now the same size as they are, they often play together.

It took time to potty train Foxy Roxy. We would watch her and if she started to go on the carpet, we would tell her “outside”. She is a fierce watchdog and loyal companion. She may be small, but she’ll do her best to protect us. My kids often take her for walks. If we mention walk, or pick up the leash, she dances around, ready to go. At night, and during the day, Roxy loves sleeping under the covers. When the cold winter winds blow, we keep each other warm.

Roxy does not like other dogs and will chase them away if they come into our yard. One time I had the opportunity to bring another puppy into our house. We knew Roxy might not like the dog, so we told her that we brought her a Christmas present. We put the new puppy down to let them get to know each other. They’ve been best friends from the start.

My daughter taught Roxy to sit and roll over. When I sit on the sofa to eat supper, she will jump up beside me. She’ll sit quietly for a while but if I don’t share, she’ll start to grrrr. If she doesn’t get anything, she’ll roll on her side, grrrr some more as her legs paw at the air and her tail wags a mile a minute. She knows that I cannot say not to that trick.

Roxy is loyal, and loves cuddling. Every morning, she kisses me awake, and she gives me a kiss goodnight. She loves the family, but is not welcoming to strangers. She learned to be a guard dog from another dog that we had.

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