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My Sweet Silly Saidi


United States

Posted April 25, 2013

My eleventh birthday will always be a favorite memory, considered by all of our family as the Best Birthday Ever. I came home to two surprises after school that day. There, in my room were the two greatest gifts I thought I'd never get: a pretty white daybed I had been longing for all year, and underneath, the most adorable little black puppy, with tan spots on her eyes. I immediately named her Saidi, and from that day on, we were inseperable. She was my best friend, faithful, easygoing, and always cheerful. She had such spark and a lively personality, matching my own. We grew up together, Saidi & I. She became an extension of myself, and remained so until she passed. When she got hit by a car the first time, (though not defiant, she wasn't always the brightest when it came to the world outside of our house and yard), we thought we'd lost her. Especially when the vet told us that she'd cracked her hip pretty badly, and would require surgery to ever walk or run normally. Surgery was a financial impossiblility though, so I dried my tears, and decided that Saidi would not only live, she would thrive. My parents nodded their assent. She recovered with miraculous courage and determination, and so quickly, that the vet remarked, "I guess you really can't keep a good dog down!" He did warn however, against her ever getting pregnant, as the labor or delivery could kill her. Of course, a few months later, my sweet Saidi gave birth to a healthy litter of 4 tiny pups, after which we immediatly had her fixed. She was my constant companion for 5 years, until one evening, after just moving into a new home in a new town, Saidi got excited by something, and took off into the road. This time, my little fighter was unable to beat the odds, and she died in my 16 year old arms. She will always be the best friend a girl could have asked for, and there'll never be a greater present, ever.

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