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My Mixed Dachshund Puddles


United States

Posted July 31, 2015

When we had saw puddles photo on our local Humane Society page, both me and my mom fell in love with her. We had been looking for a Dachshund for a while now. She's not a purebred but she looks pretty close, she has the long body and ears like one. She is a bit taller though, and has a shorter snout. Oh yeah, she's also brindle and that's definitely not normal in Dachshunds. But anyways, when we went to get her they said that she was put up for adoption because she bit her previous owners 8 year old. But when we got her home and started really interacting with her she acted as if she was beat a lot because she'd cower and sometimes even run from us when we would come near her to pet her. She was scared of brooms when I would clean the house. All the common signs of abuse. But luckily she isn't like that now, but she is scared of children. When I would babysit she always runs away from the child, and she has snapped at them once but they were messing with her and wouldn't leave her alone. I believe that it wasnt the dogs fault that she bit the child, she was probably doing it out of fear. Puddles is very protective, and barks at anyone that isn't my mom or myself. It is mostly towards men though, but she seems to like my boyfriend but that's about it. Though she is barking at him one minute then in his lap the next. She likes to watch out the window a lot as well.

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