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We Love Our Little Porkie!


4023, Philippines

Posted June 16, 2015

She came from a brood of 4 and we instantly took a liking to her. She didn't have anything special about her but we sensed that she was the one that would stay with us after we gave her siblings to our friends. We named her Porkie because she was so small then and looked just like a pot bellied pig!

Yes, she's a year and a half now and she is quite laid back, preferring to just lie there and watch what we are doing, seemingly satisfied but when you call her name her ears twitch with excitement and she comes running to you and then lies belly up so you can give her a tummy scratch! She really loves this and then she would sit next to you and put her paw on your lap while you are sitting which is her way of saying she wants you to scratch behind her ears. She really is a smart and very gentle dog.

Don't get me wrong though, she may be quiet and gentle with us but when she hears or senses that somebody not known to us or her is at the gate, she does this very deep growl which alerts us to the presence! This makes her a very good watchdog also, in her case, but I am not sure if all dogs of this breed acts the same.

Porkie doesn't need a lot of grooming since her hair/mane is naturally short so all she needs is a bath 3 to 4 times a week, a dusting of dog powder to keep parasites like fleas away and a whole lot of chew toys to keep her happy otherwise, she would "attack" my wife's potted plants which makes the missus really mad. But with her chew toys around, things are usually quiet and we enjoy watching her and taking photos of her antics.

Not all has been that smooth sailing though, he had our share of toilet training troubles too but this breed of dog is really smart and quickly gets the trick and it took only a couple of tries until she nailed it.

Porkie doesn't require any special diet or fancy food. Just your regular pet store dog food is okay to her and she digs in every feeding time. Again, I don't know if this is true for other dog breeds, but our Porkie likes to eat a particular kind of grass which grow in our garden. Its actually some kind of weed and its the only one she eats. Perhaps she knows that this certain grass/weed is beneficial to her since it makes her poo come in smooth and in perfect consistency. When she is not able to eat this grass/weed, we observed that she becomes irregular and her poo is either too hard or too soft but after eating the mentioned grass/weed, she becomes regular again.

For anyone of you looking for a pet, I would suggest you get yourself this breed of dog as they have everything good to offer - a great pet and a good companion!

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