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This dog is a terror.


United States

Posted October 28, 2014

I've lived with some really amazing animals throughout my life, so I guess it's reasonable to expect that one or two of them might not be so amazing.
Manny belongs to my roommate, but since we moved in several months ago, my other roommate and I have done everything we could think of to teach Manny. Unfortunately, it's been a few months now and the dog has shown no progress. My roommate babies him too much and isn't committed enough to training him.
I emphasize, if you train a dachshund right, I'm sure it would make a great pet. Manny is not.
This dog goes to the bathroom on our floors 3 or 4 times a day on a good day and shows no remorse when scolded. Positive reinforcement for pottying outside also seems useless. Really, Manny just has the personality of a wet biscuit.
We have to keep our garbage cans and the kitty litter on high surfaces, or Manny will get into them and dump them all over the floor. Even if they have nothing in them. He's been known to dig out feminine hygiene products and tear them to pieces of the furniture.
Manny is also fond of eating women's lingerie.
He gets on the bed when he's not supposed to and runs rampant around the apartment. His tiny legs and long nails make for a persistent, obnoxious clacking noise when he walks on our hardwood floors. When he eats, it sounds like a horse is choking while somebody jiggles a doorknob and you can hear it from the opposite end of the apartment.
We bought him toys and he refuses to play. We bought him a bed and he chewed it to shreds.
Manny isn't aggressive. He coexists around other dogs perfectly fine... until he mounts them and tries to hump them. He also tried to hump my cat once and now she's terrified of him.
This dog is a terror. He's gross, he reeks, he doesn't listen, and he isn't even fun to play with because he doesn't play.
Personally, I blame the owner. But really, let this be a warning, this dog is NOT for you if you can't be persistent, patient, and dominant when training them. Don't baby them. They will walk all over you and crap on your new carpet.

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