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My Daschhund Sheeko!


Virginia, United States

Posted October 6, 2014

We got Sheeko from a shelter in Boca Raton, Florida when he was pretty young. He is a Dachshund/Terrier mix, I just haven't the clue which type of terrier. It was incredible how quickly he adapted our personalities into his own in a way and fit in with the family so effortlessly.

Sheeko barks at anyone who comes near us, and only bark he does. So I guess you could say he is a great WATCH dog. If he hears a sound coming from outside, he will bark underneath his breath and leave it at that much effort. He will never actually DO any guard dog duties. This could be that his breed isn't so courageous or the lack of training but, either way we found it amusing because we related to that.

He barks at other people, never at us which is great because "yappers" get annoying! At home he is very quiet and relaxed on our couches, he has been since he was little. He will occasionally visit everyone in their rooms to cuddle for a little while and once his daily dog duties are done he heads back to the couch for a nap.

Sheeko was un-trainable! I'm guessing it was the Dachshund in him and the Terrier half was no help at all. Maybe it was our inexperience but, we did the basic treats/tummy rub when he completed an action we wanted and all we were able to teach him was tag (we were really active with his terrier side). He obeyed no other command! Well, he "sat" for us after a loss of voice and few finger points.

As far as health and grooming; His hair didn't grow much but, it's probably because he shed it ALL! My goodness, we've tried every shampoo and have researched the best diets for dogs, still left with his strands all over the couch. So far he has only needed his regular check ups, but I sense in his old age he will soon need some regularly.

We love the fact that he plays well with other dogs and does not bother and animals we let loose on the floor. He will watch them closely however, and may give a little bark if they get too crazy for his comfort.

Overall I think his mix of Dachshund and Terrier is a good one to produce our buddy Sheeko. He plays with us excitedly and hyper as a terrier would, then knows when it is time to calm down and relax as we get tired. He is definitely a Velcro dog! And we love him.

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