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The neediest little dog in the world!


Queensland, Australia

Posted January 5, 2015

I love my little dog, but he is extremely needy.

Snoop is a cross between a Dachshund and a Miniature Manchester Terrier. As far as mixed breeds go, this one is perfect. With the coat, features and body shape of an adorable Dachshund, yet his long back is only slightly curved and his belly does not touch the floor. Snoop does not have the leg and back problems that purebred Dachshunds are born with, and for that reason I would always recommend this cross breed.

Snoop lives in a house with two adults, one teenager, one other dog and a baby who stays three times a week. Yet he always has to be the centre of attention! Snoop is the most anxious, worry-some, affectionate and needy dog I have ever come across. When we leave the house he sits on the window sill until we return (I once even had a neighbour comment that her son thought he was a statue). When he is hungry but everyone else is in the sitting room he will take many return trips to the kitchen to take one mouthful of food, run back to the sitting room with it and eat it in front of you. When anyone else other than him is receiving any kind of attention - be it hugging a friend, patting our other dog, even holding the baby - he darts across the room and runs up to your face to lick you all over.

He shakes if he is not getting attention, and cries until you give it to him. At times this can be very annoying, however he is undeniably adorable. Snoop is always willing to cuddle up to you and fall asleep with you. He will always come when you call him, and always be there when you need a friend.

Aside from his neediness, he can be a very mischievous dog. I often catch snoop stealing food from Oscar's mouth (Oscar is a medium sized Mongrel). Although he is toilet trained he will still at times leave his mess in the house- and as it is so small you can find it weeks later, hidden in a crevice of the room you never knew existed. Having said this, due to his anxious personality, if he has done something he knows is bad you will know straight away- as he mopes around with his tail between his legs, not looking you in the eyes, waiting to be found out.

If you need a dog who will love you unconditionally, this is the breed for you. He is relatively low maintenance- has never needed the vet, short shiny coat that does not need grooming and is friendly will all other animals and humans. However, you do have to show this dog a whole lot of love.

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