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Jack Russell/ Dachshund


Mississippi, United States

Posted January 18, 2014

Peanut was taken in by my family when he was around two months of age, after a neighbor threatened to kill him for being a "mutt" puppy of his purebred Dachshund. When we first brought him home, Peanut fit in the palm of my hand, but he grew steadily to a healthy twenty pound adult.
As a puppy, Peanut was quick to house-train, and he learned basic obedience commands with ease. He was a little ball of energy, and, to this day, nothing excites him more than hearing his leash jingle for a walk! True to his Jack Russell genes and male tendencies, Peanut found getting along with other dogs fairly difficult. His "Little Dog Syndrome" got him into trouble once, when a dog about three times his size snapped back, but the neutering greatly decreased his unnecessary aggression (although he still prefers to be the boss!).
Today, two other, larger, dogs have joined our family, as well as one fat cat, and Peanut gets along well with all of them. As for his attitude toward people, he is generally friendly and laid back; he doesn't push for attention from strangers, but he likes to observe them from a short distance. He is sometimes wary of men, however, and loud children make him nervous, but he never attempts to attack anyone.
Fortunately, we haven't had many health concerns over the past twelve years. In fact, I can only recall two notable health issues with Peanut. Once, when he had just turned ten, he did have to undergo minor surgery in order to remove a small pre-cancerous area on the tip of his privates. It was a one time occurrence, though, and he was fine following the surgery. Other than this incident, the only real ongoing health concern has been the arthritis, which began affecting him recently, in his twelfth year of life, most likely due to his inherited Dachshund-type joints. Overall, though, I would say that Peanut has been an extremely healthy little dog! It is slightly difficult to draw blood at times (Dachshund veins tend to roll), but, thankfully, there hasn't been much need to take a blood sample other than for his annual check-ups.
I would definitely recommend this breed of dog to anyone who loves long walks, cuddling, and a pup who loves to pose for the camera! They tend to be fairly low-maintenance, and health and long lifespan are major advantages. If you have children, make sure they understand boundaries with pets; perhaps even be sure that the kids are a little older before adding this breed to your family. If you have other pets who do not have submissive personalities, make sure a trial meeting is done before making a commitment, or you might have a war on your hands! In conclusion, this is a great dog breed for almost any lifestyle and location and would be great for first-time dog parents, as well as for those who are more experienced!

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