Dachshund / Jack Russell Terrier Mix

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Posted September 27, 2013

We rescued our dachshund/jack russell mix from a kill shelter somewhere in the south. The mother dog was a pure bred dachshund show dog who happened to meet a jack russell (likely a mutt) who jumped the fence. The puppies were dropped off at the shelter way too young, but luckily a rescue organization saved them and found a good foster home for them. That's where we met our little rascal.

He is very excitable and has made a racetrack out of the living and dining room. He throws himself on to the couch and we're convinced he's going to throw himself out of the window one of these days. When he gets hyper, he's not always aware of who's around him, and there has been more than one occasion where he has jumped on to someone with food or hot coffee.

Most of the time though, he is very aware of those around him. He immediately calms if an older person comes near, offering his belly to rub and a gentle lick on the hand. He knows he can play crazy with the neighborhood kids and enjoys tripping everyone with his leash.

He inherited the short hair from his father, so grooming is extremely easy. He's still young (not quite two yet), and he hasn't had any health problems.

He's great with our cats; in fact, I'm pretty sure he thinks he is a cat himself. He barks at people walking down the street, always letting us know when our neighbor gets home. He sounds ferocious, which to us is a good thing.

In his short time with us, he has certainly wiggled his way into our hearts!

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