Dachshund / Jack Russell Terrier Mix

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Dachshund mix breed


1416, Argentina

Posted July 11, 2015

As with the mix breed of my other dog, Mitchie, we didn't know the what breed Candy is. At first, the veterinarian said its was a mix between Dachshund and a Boxer (which it was weird compare to the size of both animal) but at the end it was a Dachshund Jack Russell Terrier Mix. Despite the other dog, Candy is a really quite animal. She started barking at 6 months old, we worry a lot because it was a long period of time without making a sound but when we did the medical checkups to see if something was wrong with her, everything was normal. Another unusual thing for being a Dachshund mix is that, my dog doesn't like to walk. Every time I tried to take her for a walk, she just lay down on the floor without anyone capable of moving her. Also, this animal likes to eat tons of food, so must be careful with the quantities because she doesn't know when to stop. On the medical part, she was always sick. My dog had several surgeries for an eye infection and cervix extraction, she must need someone who is watching over her. Regarding the training, it's difficult because of her stubbornness, she dislike every kind of exercise activity so it will be perfect for someone who might not have the necessary time to take her over a walk everyday. Despite all the laziness and the health problem, its a loving dog. She will sit next to you always, she will feel if you're sad or angry and will stay for you until you're fine. This breed needs love and, certainly, she will give it back to you.

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