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Coacoa--A Boy and His Dog


United States

Posted April 8, 2013

My dog Coacoa lived a long life, dying of old age, after being my companion just after I turned 12, up until 19 and living at the old family home well after I went off to college. He was a strange looking dog, but more than made up for it, by his affectionate companionship and loyalty. He was a small dog, being a mixed breed between dachshund and a larger shepherd mix. This combination gave him a long body with relatively short legs and a shepherd looking head. Coacoa was my constant companion when I got home from school, and whenever playing and exploring outside, and would wait for me at the end of the driveway until I came home and escort me to the end of the property when I left for school. He would wag his tale incessantly when I came home, and whine like a puppy when I left. I spent many summer nights sleeping out in our spacious backyard in a sleeping bag where the night time sky was clear with just me and my dog, looking up at the stars and snuggling. He was gentle, kind, and fiercely protective of me and his territory. I remember when we picked him up from a friend's house when he was a puppy, they were so apologetic at Coacoa's mixed qualities, but a more loving and devoted dog could scarcely be found.

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