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Rescued Doxie Makes for Lively and Loving Pet!


Florida, United States

Posted July 3, 2015

My doxie, Deaky, is truly one of the brightest lights of my life. When I entered the pet store on a whim, I hadn't expected to come home with a tiny little runt who was nothing more than skin and bones. Still, something compelled me to rescue my little guy and I couldn't have asked for a better dog! Deaky is immensely loyal, incredibly playful, and was exceptionally easy to house-train and crate-train. He gets along very well with my other dogs, though he is more attached to one than he is the other. Fiercely protective, Deaky hardly allows anyone - person or otherwise - to come near me or my family. He is incredibly territorial, which has made introducing our newest dog to him occasionally quite difficult. Interestingly, however, he is very inquisitive, and has no problem entering another dog's territory.

In terms of maintenance, he's a great dog! I know many dachshund owners who dislike how their dogs shed, but Deaky doesn't shed too much. He does, however, bite his nails - we're still not sure if this is a learned or nervous habit or something else entirely - but this does save us a bit on nail-clippings. Additionally, he's a great walker who doesn't pull or try to lead too much. As said above, he is incredibly protective, and often barks for several minutes at the slightest noise coming from the outside. On occasion, he has barked in the middle of the night, which has (of course) woken everyone up.

All in all, in my experience with Deaky, I believe that dachshunds are incredibly loving, protective, and altogether entertaining animals!

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