Dachshund / Beagle Mix

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Doxle? Deagle? Delightful!


Columbia, South Carolina, United States

Posted August 17, 2017

She knows a ton of commands with hand signals.

She hates water, even drinking it.

She has a ton of nicknames , but mostly I call her Egg-baby, because she is a good egg and she is my baby. Oh, I also call her buby I replace the a in baby with the u from puppy. That's my logic anyway.

Her Dad was purebred Longhaired Red and Cream Dapple Dachshund and her Mom was a chocolate brown and white Beagle. So she has the piebald pattern from the Beagle, the Dapple patterning, and coat that has a medium length, with swirls and some golden(grizzly) fur. Her ears didn't get the typical full rounding like others - she had to be herself, I guess.

She reminds me of many other animals, a camel, a crocodile, a lizard, and a beast in general. She is so smart though but can be a little headstrong. I read that both the Dachsund and the Beagle are in the top 10 for naughtiest dogs. I have one dog that takes up 2 spots! She keeps me on my toes.

Last thing. She has pica. She eats metal. Zippers, earrings, paper clips, etc. She also eats paper, concrete, and other sorts of fibers. I keep telling her that she has enough fiber and ruffage in her diet, but she seems to think she needs more.

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