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Boston, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Posted July 6, 2009

Quest came to join my pack in January 2009 at just a few weeks old.   To begin with I wondered what on earth I had done - she was like no other dog I had ever owned.   She was so intelligent and needed to be mentally stimulated all the time and I began to doubt whether I could ever keep up with her.   However, she seemed to go through life on fast forward and within a few weeks she was no longer behaving like a puppy - but was a mature, sensible adult.    She is very independent and aloof - almost to the point of being boring.    She doesn't like cuddles but will follow me from room to room and settle down near to where I am working.   When out playing with the other dogs she will repeatedly come back to check up on me.   She is very easy to train and is very calm and laid back.   She watches the other dogs and copies whatever they are doing if she isn't sure herself.   She has a very steady temperament and isn't fazed by anything - kids coming down a slide towards her in the park, horses galloping passed her and jumping jumps towards her, marching brass band, steam engines, falconry displays, poultry shows, dog shows - she takes them all in her stride and is very relaxed.   She naturally walks on a loose lead - touching my hand with her nose every now and then (I'm not sure if it is to reassure me or her).    She is most certainly a very special dog and I would like to try training her for Search and Rescue, as she has a very good sense of smell and can think for herself.   She absolutely adores water.   She has her own bath in the garden that she plays in and loves.  I really hope the breed gets UK KC recognition later this year as I would love to show her and help establish the breed in this country. 

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