Czechoslovakian Vlcak / Northern Inuit Dog Mix

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If you're dreaming of a wolf but can only get a dog...



Posted April 28, 2017

Luna is a very young dog still, not even 2 years old yet, but she is already very big and strong, very smart and has a great personality. I adopted this dog as a big guard dog who can behave well around a small dog like a chihuahua and at the same time know know how to behave around large animals like horses.
We have owned her for a year and a half, and have never noticed any aggressive behaviour - you can take her toys, food etc. and she will not show attitude. However, we have never been in a situation where it was necessary for her to protect the family and so it's hard to say how she would behave in this case.
She is very friendly towards other dogs, even ones who are visiting her home, again never showing any signs of aggression.
This dog requires a lot of the owners time, she needs a lot of exercise and everyday we have her run from 5-10km. She acts as a jogging companion. If this dog is neglected and is not able to use her energy, her behaviour can become destructive, i.e. she will chew on furniture, scratch wooden surface etc. It is hard to say what she will be like in future, but at the moment we keep her away from small children. She gets very excited and jumps which can be dangerous for small children, so I would not recommend adopting this dog in a family with small children or old people.
Sometimes she forgets she's a dog and takes a seat at the dining table, or goes to sleep on somebody's bed, and sits on the couch while watching TV.
This is a wonderful dog for people who lead an active lifestyle and can allow the dog to indulge themselves in their activity. This dog is for people who have time to spend with it, and she requires training and she needs to know who is boss in the family or the "leader of the pack" because she still has wolf blood in her.
She is the perfect choice for me and makes me smile every day.

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