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My lovely little cotton ball


32427, Germany

Posted October 22, 2015

I met Jelto last year when I met my boyfriend. I fell in love not only with the man but also with the little white cotton ball that is his dog. Jelto is a purebred coton de tulear and has a lot of character traits characteristic for this breed:
1. He likes to relax and sleep, which means in his case that he will give me a stink eye if I try to rouse him before noon. His favourite sleeping position is with all his four paws up in the air.
2. He is very patient and permissive towards people and other animals. Since he is a trained companion dog he will endure loud noises, large groups of people and brash dogs. He is able to show if something is too much for him but never in an aggressive way.
3. He likes to be with us, but doesn't mind spending time on his own. We can take him practically everywhere. He is going to restaurants with us and more than once people have only noticed him when we left and had to wake him up from his slumber under the table.
4. He does not bark - unless it's necessary. He won't utter a peep when someone rings the bell or when we leave for work and he has to stay in our apartment, but he will bark when there are suspicious noises at night or when he feels (we are) threatened.

I have also met his siblings, his mother and other cotons and almost each and every one of them is just unbelievably laid back and easy-going.
An ideal breed for everybody.

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