Coton de Tulear

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40270, Finland

Posted September 14, 2015

We got our coton Hippu, when he was already 10 months old. Because of his breeder didn't have really time for him we had a lot of work to do with him. We have had one other coton before Hippu. The other coton has been with us since she was a little puppy and she was much easier to work with.

With Hippu we started with basic things and even though he started his ''puppy school'' as a ten month old, he learned very fast. Very quickly we noticed that he is easy to train, but very active to be so a small dog. Coton is very clever dog and they learn many things even though you don't teach them. For example, our dogs know our family members by names and they also know some words like home, let's go for a walk, let's go home and they also know their names very well.

Coton de tulear really loves to be with his owner. Our dogs are always there where I am and that can be really annoying for some people. Coton loves to get attention and they are really cute, energetic, happy and smart. The most surprising thing with coton was grooming. Their fur needs to be trimmed or you have to groom it every day. Coton has some health issues with their knees, but I haven't experienced any of that yet.

I would recommend coton for a person who has a lot of time to be with a dog every day. Coton is family-friendly, but they need commitment and patience. With coton your days will be filled with joy and cuteness.

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