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Coton De Tulear-A Terrific Family Pet


United States

Posted May 2, 2015

We purchased Sammi as a puppy from a breeder. After our yellow Lab mix passed away due to cancer, we decided, for the first time, to purchase a pure-breed rather than from a shelter. Our son had slight animal allergies, so we searched for breeds that were hypo-allergenic and shed minimally.

Sammi, now ten years old, has been a terrific family companion. Coton's are generally thought to have "clown-like" personalities. Sammi is no exception. When we get home, he immediately grabs the nearest shoe and runs all over the house with it. Then he hops on his back legs and howls until we give him a treat.

The care and maintenance for Sammi is middle of the road. His hair grows and sheds similar to human hair. He requires the occasional haircut, but is very easy to brush and wash at home. He was average to catch on to using the doggie door for bathroom breaks, but will do anything for a treat. We socialized him as a puppy to be around strangers, children, and other animals. He is very clingy to me, and prefers my company to any other family member. If I go to the restroom, he has to accompany me. If I go upstairs, he is right on my heels. That is not to say that he doesn't love his kids. He once (all 18 pounds of him) fought off a German Shepherd that was chasing our three kids.

Sammi has had very few large vet bills. He is prone to ear infections, about five a year. He had knee replacement surgery when he was six due to his tendency to "stop on a dime". He is very agile and healthy. At ten years old, he still runs in circles and scatters shoes all over the house!

I highly recommend a Coton De Tulear for anyone looking for a family pet, a best friend, a cuddler, and/or an agility dog.

*Note: Sammi has a pink nose and lips. This is not standard for the breed. Sammi was labeled "not show quality". We think he's perfect anyway!

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