Collie (Smooth)

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United States

Posted April 20, 2016

Lady showed up in my family's life one evening out of the blue. We lived on the edge of town in a new development and from out of now where this beautiful Collie appeared on our front yard. Our guess was that someone had abandoned her. We made "Found Dog" posters, but no one replied. We ended up adopting her and she came to live with us.
We had no idea how old she was. She had some graying on her snout but she had a lot of energy when we went on walks and like to play in the back yard. She hardly ever barked. I don't know if this is a Collie thing, or if it was a Lady thing. She was always really laid back and relaxed. My little brothers were toddlers at this time. She didn't seem to mind them crawling all over her. She was great with kids. She was one a great dog to grow up with.
The only downside was that she shed a lot. There was a lot of brushing that had to be done. Even then the couch was usually covered in dog hair. Additionally, you had to be careful in the summer. Kansas summers can be pretty hot and Lady with all of her fur didn't seem to care for it too much.
Other than that she was a great dog. We had her until she got really sick when I was 16 and we had to put her to sleep. Great dog. I don't know if all Collies are like her, but if they are they're a wonderful breed.

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