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Collie (smooth)


37800, Finland

Posted August 15, 2015

We already have a lapponian herder in the family and when we decided to have another dog I did a lot of research of different breeds. At first my choice was a Norwegian buhund but there were only two litters in the spring so I continued my research. Then I thought what if we had another lapponian herder but no, not another stubborn furball. Ok, then how about a collie? Too much fur, sorry. But wait! There is another collie breed with short fur, wow! And so I started to find breeders in the areas near by.

So now I own a male smooth collie. The personality is great: he is calm, intelligent (not wise...yet, I'm afraid), easy to handle and teach and everything else. He's THE dog for me. He's adorable, he likes to be where the family is, he knows when he has done bad things and comes to apologize. But the funniest part is that he obeys whispers. When I say a command I usually whisper it so the puppy has to pay attention to me all the time and it works. Lately we have been learning whistling and he learned the first whistle, "Come here!" after three of four times! He doesn't need candy for reward, all he wants is positive attention from me.

Umm...bad things...nothing so bad yet...so far. One antique chair leg has been destroyed, nothing before of after that and this one is my fault actually. He is a very lively person so he moves his sleeping mat all over the house and one evening the mat was beside the chair. At night he had nothing to do and he had to amuse himslef so byebye chair... Had I moved his bed somewhere else and we'd have a flawless chair leg.

The smelly part. He is a puppy, of course he pees inside. Nowadays number two is done outside but still after feeding, we have to rush outside. By the time he will learn the habits but for now we just have to try to understand him.

In conclusion, he is THE dog for me. Or not just a dog, he is a member of the family. We want it and he wants it.

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