Collie (Smooth) Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

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Collie Mix-Rescue Dog


United States

Posted September 14, 2015

Bella is our first rescue dog. I got her as a birthday gift for my husband. Overall, she is a sweet, loving dog and we are happy to provide her with a loving home. My experience with rescue dogs is that they can be overly affectionate and sweet dogs with some unforeseen issues, depending on their experiences before. Bella has been extremely affectionate, almost to the point of annoying sometimes! She always wants to be involved when you are talking to anyone and giving attention to someone else. She does listen well though, as she is very intelligent. Overall, she has been a wonderful dog. She's great with kids, loves to play outside, and gets along with our other 2 small dogs well. Sometimes, she thinks she is a small dog too and will jump up in our laps on the couch!
We have had to be careful when scolding her, as she can scare easily. I believe this is due to whatever happened in her life before living with us. She also hates it when it rains. She doesn't whine or get scared of thunder, but she absolutely REFUSES to go outside if it is raining or has been raining. This led to a few large accidents in the house. We have to put her on the leash and walk her outside to get her to potty during these times.
Grooming is something that has to be kept up with. I take her to the professional groomer about 3-4 times a year to get her hair trimmed. This is to help with all the dog hair in the house, because she sheds A LOT. In her picture, you can see she has been freshly groomed. Her hair is naturally very long and wispy. It flies everywhere.
Bella is a very sweet dog and I highly recommend rescuing a dog. It can be such a rewarding experience! With a collie mix, make sure you are able to give them plenty of exercise and are able to deal with the grooming.

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