Collie (Smooth) / German Shepherd Dog Mix

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Energetic and Playful Fluffy


United States

Posted July 2, 2015

Fluffy was Collie mixed breed dog, but we never completely found out the breed of his other half. If I had to guess, I’d say he was part German shepherd. He had the most gorgeous coloring of black with streaks of light brown and white here and there. He was an outside dog, and he was great at guarding the property and alerting us to the presence of others. We had Fluffy from the time he was a puppy until about five years as a grown dog. He wasn’t as big as regular Collies, so we know he was a hybrid.

He was one of the most energetic dogs we ever had. He was probably the most active out of all of them because his personality was crazy energetic. Fluffy was always playful and consistently chased the neighbors and the occasional passersby. People were scared of him because he bounded towards anyone who came in his line of sight. Many didn’t realize this, but he was only looking for people to play with. He liked racing with the kids in the neighborhood, so he probably thought all humans who walked by our house wanted to race with him and play games.

Fluffy was extremely sensitive to sounds, so he made a great watch dog. Sometimes he would get a little too carried away with his barking, and I think this added to him not being well liked by our neighbors. We never trained him, but I think he would have been a little difficult to train due to his hyperactive demeanor.

Sadly, he ran away. Days went by without us finding him, but one day when I was in school I saw him run by. I tried to run out and look for him, but I couldn’t find him. I called my mother to tell her, and she drove through the area but with no luck. We eventually got him back, but he died not long after.

Out of all our dogs, I definitely think Fluffy was the most energetic and playful. Although many of the adults in our neighborhood didn’t like him that well, he did get along with the neighborhood kids. Because of their high energy, a mix-breed Collie should probably be considered for a family who can keep up with their energetic personality and playful nature.

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