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Posted October 23, 2012

Im reviewing Collie as a mix, because my own personal dog, Bozo, is a Collie/Beagle mixed breed. His previous owners were taking him to the pound because "he peed so much in his crate it rusted out" Interesting, because from the day I brought him home, he knew not to potty there! I think because of their baby, that he spent too much time in a crate. I have found him very, very smart and easy to train. One of the easiest to train I have ever owned. He is just brilliant!

As not a full Collie, I can't pin his issues on the Collie breed itself. He does have more from Collie than Beagle. Very graceful moves, long snoot, herding tendencies. I can never leave my daughter unattended with him. He is not good with children. While easy to train, this is one area we have had our battles with him.

Bozo has long collie legs, a deep chest and thin around the tummy. He also has a very, very long collie nose, and the banded tail. He managed to get the orange coat all over though.

From my works in Collie rescue, I know the opposite is usually true. Collies have a very good reputation with children. Sometimes can even be seen herding them on occasion! Ive heard stories of Collies not wanting to leave the children and sleeping outside of their bedrooms.

I do feel like Collies need a "job", but from working with dogs in rescue, they seem fairly inactive once they have pranced around and worked a little energy off. We used to call them "speed bumps" in our shop because they would lay around and customers would have to step over them. It seems their look-a-like counterparts, the Sheltie, are more active.

I think as a breed, they are good guardians and are extremely loyal.

My dog, a mix, does not require grooming, but a collies coat does need to be maintained to avoid matting. I rated as a "3" on easy to groom because they do require some grooming, but they are gentle and tend to be "easy to groom" in the sense they do not put up a fight to avoid it, generally!

As far as health, Collies are prone to eye problems and certain cancers I believe. My mixed breed is riddled with allergies and until we got it right, had a lot of ear infections and yeast issues. I don't feel that food allergies are as common with collies as other breeds. I was just unlucky with my mixed breed, or he was lucky to have found me :) Aside from his allergies, he is one tough dog! No health problems thus far!

I have fallen in love with the breed. I have always loved their graceful looks, the swish when they walk, the confident elegance they exude and tender spirits, but after owning mixed breed half collie, I know for SURE I will own more Collies in the future. Mixed or otherwise!!

Highly recommend!

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