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Dutch Shepherd/ Dachshund Mix



Posted August 4, 2015

Kola is a Dachshund/Dutch Shepherd mix. She is not a very large dog, but is definately wider then she is tall, and strong! :) The most difficult thing about this dog, is that it took her a fairly long time to stop going to the bathroom indoors. It did take a lot of coaching with her and I had to teach her to go outdoors exclusively. For example, I could take her out for a long walk, but 20 minutes after we come back she could have peed 3 times on the floor. After a while though, she became aware of where she was supposed to go, and doesn't go potty in the house anymore, and hasn't had a problem with that since she was about 15 months old.

She would make a great beginner dog, especially for families, as she is very gentle and docile, and even when playing is always gentle. She has never bitten me or anyone else, even in play. Her nails can get quite sharp, so some trimming is recommended if you have babies or small children, but she doesn't jump that often. She is quiet, and only barks quietly when she wants to go out or if she doesn't receive her dinner on her "Schedule". Since she was 5 months old, I have been giving her fresh food at the same time every day, she knows when this is, and she has become very accustomed to that schedule. She is very short haired, and other then occasional baths when she's really muddy, very minimal grooming is required.

I am very pleased with how well she learned everything (other then the original potty process), she learned what I wanted her to learn very quickly, she can shake-a-paw, and she shits, and lays down when commanded, and never begs for food if I am eating in front of her. She was super active as a young puppy, and often knocked things over, so unsecured shelves with breakables will get broken if not careful. She has been much better with that in recent years.

Finally, she is very smart. She will go to the plug and unplug the TV... and she knows it annoys you, because she will do it while you're in the living room, and continue to do it if you keep plugging back in in front of her. She makes everything a game, which is quite cute, but to be trained you have to stay firm and even though it may be cute, certain behaviors can lead to dangers in the future, such as jumping on people, and begging, which I have not really experienced with this girl.

All in all, she's a cute, passionate and cuddly girl, who will sleep with you, cuddle you, and always be by your side, she is a very loyal breed.

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