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Sheltie Collie: Beautiful, Energetic, Loving!



Posted May 5, 2013

I purchased my female sheltie collie named Chima from a Pet store. She was the very first dog I ever owner and truthfully I was not ready for the amount of activity she required to feel happy and get all the exercise she needed. It was very difficult to train her because of her incredible energy levels. As a baby she was a big ankle-biter, but that comes from the fact that she comes from the sheep-dog family. She had a tendency to jump up to try and lick people's faces, but it only came out of her sheer excitement and love for attention and other people.

She was incredibly friendly with absolutely everyone, but was also a bit aggressive in her jumping and barking (not dangerous, just loving and excited). If she had been trained a little more strictly, I think these issues would have been resolved.

This type of dog requires a lot of walking because they love the outdoors and need to get their legs moving to feel happy and healthy. They also love attention and want to be played with often. In that way they are great for children above 8. She was indeed a free spirit though, always trying to run quickly ahead of me on walks and often tried to take ME on a walk :). Once my lifestyle no longer supported owning a dog that required so much maintenance, I let my grandmother take care of her but she was just down the street!

I would visit Chima often at my grandmothers house, who had a pool, and she would always jump into the pool and go for a swim with me! Her paws were quite sharp and did scratch me good as she swam towards me, but in the shallow end she would put her paws on my shoulder and wade with me in the water. All she wanted was to be close and involved with the family. She absolutely loved the snow as well, and would have a blast jumping in and out of it, digging and rolling around.

Even as she got older, her energy never decreased. She was the liveliest dog I have ever seen. Plus she never forgot me, no matter how long I was away. I always felt like I had a special connection with her, that she knew I was her mom and I loved her soo much!

Sheltie Collies are wonderful, incredibly loving pets who want to make you happy and impress you. They are remorseful when they do something wrong, and always want to be a "good dog". I can still see her tail wagging to those words now! Definitely an amazing pet for an active, happy, engaging lifestyle and I would highly reccomend.

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