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Happy, Happy, Happy


Ozark, Missouri, United States

Posted April 1, 2014

Happy was a gift from my uncle- a Collie that looked exactly like Lassie! She was on the large side of the medium dog scale weighing 65 pounds, but this did not hinder her from being active and playing. She was known to get excited and run around our back yard in figure eights!
Happy had a booming bark but was only to be feared if she felt you were a threat. She once bit my dad because he was wrestling with me and I cried out for help. She also nipped a door to door salesman because he startled her and she had just had a litter of puppies. Speaking of which- there were 12 of them but we had no problems finding them homes.
Happy's only drawback was her long coat which she shed every spring. This caused major issues with our vacuum cleaner! We would have to take her outside and comb her fur 2-3 times a week until she was done shedding though there was minor shedding throughout the year.
While I would strongly recommend this breed for a family pet, I found that our Collie was overly territorial in regards to other pets. We attempted several times to introduce other pets in the home and she would not have it, biting, snarling, and fighting with them. Once she even killed 2 of another dog's litter at birth.
She was an extremely healthy dog but developed arthritis in her old age and we had to put her down. It was a sad event for our family and neighbors whom had grown attached to her.

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