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New York, United States

Posted March 21, 2014

Copper is a wonderful dog. I love him so much I can't bear it. He's a real cuddle-bug. He loves to be pet and he spends the evenings cuddling up against my mom in bed before he goes downstairs to sleep.

We got him from a professional dog breeder who showed him. So his name was Copernicus, Copper for short. For some reason, she decided she didn't want to show him anymore, and she sold him to us.

When we brought him home, we could tell things were not all fine and dandy at the breeder's. He was extremely nervous and anxious. He wouldn't leave the corner of the sitting room. It took forever for us to get him to walk around the house freely. Oh, but he was fantastically behaved on the leash.

We can't tie him up against something, either. He ran through the house, messed himself all over, and broke the screen door when we tried to. Obviously, something happened at the breeder's, and I'm so glad we got him out of there.

Today he's so much better. He still gets anxious sometimes, but he's comfortable with us and with other people and with, well, some dogs. He's the gentlest dog I've ever known.

My favorite thing in the world to do is pet him. I get on the ground with him and pet him all over, which helps my sensory issues. And he absolutely loves it. His favorite is his belly.

I feel so blessed to have this dog.

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