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Raised with a Rough Collie


Posted February 24, 2014

I was only a little girl when I convinced my father to buy me a dog. At first he objected and my mother wasn't too happy about it either, but only after a few weeks, we all fell in love with Ares.
My Collie was a dedicated and loyal dog and you could just feel the mutual love. He was caring, especially with kids! Once, I fell from my swing and I was too hurt to get up, so Ares went to find my father, kept dragging his sleeve until my father finally agreed to follow him to where I was. You could say that he saved me from some serious injury. As far as I can remember, he was never unfriendly with guests and he was very obedient, although it took us a while to teach him what's allowed and what's not. He could get a bit carried away in his games with my father (dragging one end of the rag with his mouth while my dad dragged the other) and at times come across as rough and a bit aggressive.
If you're planning on getting a Rough Collie, bear in mind that you need SPACE. My dog was pretty active, which is why we kept him in our front yard, where he had a dog house. If you live in a small apartment, you need to provide this space. When my family moved into a smaller apartment, we were forced to give him back to its breeder because he would have been miserable in such a tight place. It's also very important that you know about this dog's grooming needs - its hair is quite thick and long. If you neglect it it's just going to get tangled and dirty. And please, please, if you are financially unable to provide enough dog food for a dog of this size, do not get a Rough Collie. I know a lot of dog owners who eventually got tired of spending so much money on dog food and decided to give their dogs away.
All in all, Collies are adorable and lovable. They're friendly and compassionate and very fun to spend time with.

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