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United States

Posted February 23, 2014

As I stated before, Misty became an endearing family member right from the start. If she needed to go outside to relieve herself, she would nudge my husband and walked toward the door wall.

She did little wrong in her life with us, but on one occasion after we set up our beautiful Christmas tree with many of my homemade ornaments, we found pieces of the ornaments on the floor in the morning. Apparently she thought Styrofoam, sequins, and velvet ribbon tasted good. At first I was furious, but when I saw her expression of sorrow and pain when I yelled at her, I had to forgive and laugh about the whole thing.

As stated before, she did save my life on three occasions. I am a quadriplegic, and my husband left me sleeping in bed while he went outside to mow the lawn. He had forgotten that he had put some eggs on to boil on the stove. The eggs started burning and were inflamed.

Misty came frantically to my bedside whining, and attempting to grab my arm as if to say, "Come on, you have to get out of here!" When that didn't work, she ran to the door wall barking loudly running back and forth through the curtains. Her activity was noticed by my husband who came running in to yell at her.

He immediately put the fire out and came running to my bedside. We both hugged Misty for her valiant effort to save the day.

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