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Brady ~ crazy collie


Pennsylvania, United States

Posted January 5, 2014

Brady review
Brady was a 4 month old collie my family adopted from a collie rescue just 3 months after our last collie succumbed to liver cancer. Brady is highly intelligent as is typical for the breed. I trained him using both voice commands and hand signals which he learned without any difficulty. The problem with Brady is that he was not the right fit for my family and has been labeled a "bad dog" when in reality he was just a bad match for my family.

My mom had always had collies she got from a collie show dog breeder. The collies we had in the past were very calm, laid back and well mannered. They were content to lay in the sun and maybe go for a short walk around the block. A true collie, like Brady, is high strung and needs lots of exercise. After all, they were bred to work 14 hour days herding sheep. He gets walked a few times per day if my mom has time. Since I no longer live with my parents, I am unable to take him to the park to run. He barks a lot which is also typical of the breed. He likes to do everyhing on his own terms and is not very eager to please. If you tell/ask him to do somthing, you can see him weighing in his mind if they pay off is worth doing as you say.

He is extremely friendly and is convinced that every new person he sees wants to be his new best friend but he is a little bit ify with other dogs. He generally likes other dogs but can be aggressive toward certain ones without any particular pattern. He requires regular brushing but not groomer quality care. They are generally a healthy breed. Our first two colllies lived to be 12years old with no health problems other than arthritis. The one before Brady, as I mentioned, died of liver cancer at age 9. Brady is, at age 7, completely healthy. Bottom line is that I would not get another collie unless I had the land and time to dedicate to agility/herding or some other constructive outlet for his energy.

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