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Ira is my prince. A dog for kings.


68100, Greece

Posted October 29, 2013

I have owned 2 dogs before Ira. Ira derives from Iraklis, "Hercules" in Greek languange. I call him Ira because it is shorter and dogs understand short names. Their training is easy when you call them with short names.

I got Ira when he was a puppy. I tried to train him. I did it for first time. I trained him with a little help from a friend. Ira was learning but not as fast as we expect.

He loves cats and kids because he lives and plays with them. There is no problem with other people when he knows them. He barks strangers but when a friendly person that he doesn't know come to my house,first he barks then he smells and remember this person!!!! It is a great guard dog. I love him and he loves me too.

Very gentle , elegant and graceful dog!!! But heavy shedder . Collies shed a LOT. You'll find hair and fur is deposited all over your clothing, carpeting, and under your furniture.Regular brushing is needed too. It is a problem when you don't have time to spare!!!!

Excellent watch dog. He is not agressive but he chases things that move.
Ira become unhappy if left for long periods of time without the companionship of people or other pets. Also he barks with no reason when he is getting bored. He is very anxious when left alone too much.

I love my dog. I thing that Collies is impressive breed but need a lot of care!!!

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