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Prince-Our Valiant Regal Collie



Posted August 18, 2013

Our Prince was a retired show dog. What a beautiful boy he was. We adopted him from family friends who were no longer able to show case him and his sister-Kelly. I remember being very excited to get this new member of the family. Dad and I built a kennel for him and he became our Princely and highly loved member of the family.

Prince had undertaken some extensive obedience training with his former owner and as such was a well mannered gentleman. We never had trouble with any rebellious behaviour, he was always perfect when walked, was friendly with other dogs and he wasn't an overt barker. Prince never had that urge to escape either. Prince loved to be around people of all ages, was never aggressive and was always a true star.

Prince was a long haired Collie, he require a dedicated bathing and brushing routine to keep his coat healthy, shiny and free from matting and knots. It was my job to brush him once a week and more in the Summer and we washed him once a fortnight. He loved it and was a compliant and happy boy. Prince wasn't water shy. We used to bring him inside for his wash in the family bathroom. As is typical of most dogs he would routinely give his coat a good shake out whilst there conveniently leaving me with water everywhere to clean up. I didn't care.

Prince and our cat were the best of friends. There didn't seem to be any animosity between them. Often they would curl up together and sleep. Very cute. We had Guinea Pigs too and funnily both the cat and Prince would just leave them alone.

The family took an extended trip once and we left the animals at a boarding kennel. Although he was up to date with vaccination he caught a disease there and his health declined rapidly after that. It was like dermatitis, he had itchy spots and his fur started to fall out. We took him to vets who seemed unable to help him. He survived albeit unwell for two years after that. He seemed really unwell one morning and by that afternoon he had died.

Our beautiful boy was a treasure to our family. It was a sad day when our regal Prince passed away. He always seemed so happy, wagging his tail as soon as he saw us.

Would I recommend a Collie. For sure! One of the most beautiful animal breeds.

Pluses: Loyal, attentive, placid but can be very active too, easily trained, obedient, great around all types of people, Good with other animals, happy, joyful,
graceful, gentle, intelligent and a devoted family dog.

Minuses: If long haired requires a dedicated washing and brushing routine if long haired, needs daily walks, sheds a lot of fur.

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