Collie (Rough)

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Acquired: Bred dog myself

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Training: Previous owner, I haven't learned care / training techniques, Attended conferences / shows, Books

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Collie the very big very friendly herding dog


Pennsylvania, United States

Posted July 23, 2012

Our collie is exceedingly larger than most collies, this can be a problem. He is so friendly and good natured but, because he is so big we did have to spend a lot of time training him. He simply can't jump or he'll knock someone over. The good part of that was we started early and learned he was VERY trainable. He now knows lots of tricks and to know I trained him myself is a wonderful feeling. He is so useful as a watchdog (he barks at anyone/thing coming near our house), guard dog (he has attacked multiple unexpected visitors), and herding dog (we have poultry and he makes sure they stay on our property) but, most of all a friendly and playful pet. A downside to have a pet that looks majestic when he runs (how could there be one) is grooming. We have to brush him with a special brush that gets through all of his hair (it's very thick) at least 3 times a week and when he's shedding everyday. While some may think of that as a bad it's actually quite fun in my experience they LOVE to be brushed and are very content to just lay there. Another "downside" would be the constant drooling, which at first was admittedly irritating but, it's very easy to get use to. I realized that after I stopped trying to get rid of his drool that he would do it himself. He does bark a lot but it's usually directed at something and it helps to keep me alert. Collies in general but purebreds especially do have some health issues and we take him to the vet for regular check ups regularly (fortunately nothing has been wrong so far). I would recommend this breed to anyone willing to put in the time, all of your efforts will be rewarded ten fold (at least). They are extremely kid friendly and will be content to be a part of your life. In conclusion, these are excellent watch, guard, herding, and friendly dogs that make an excellent addition to almost any lifestyle. They love the cold weather so try to keep them cool when it gets hot out!

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