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Marion, Wisconsin, United States

Posted April 29, 2011

Our collie was born here in a litter of 8. We didn't discover he was deaf until he was about 2 months old which means his training has consisted of hand signals. He is very gentle, intelligent and loving. His parents loved children and he does also. We are able to let him in the barn with the llamas, he is gentle with our Springer and was also great with our Cavaliers (both departed sadly). When he was a pup we got a kitten for the barn and that kitten cuddled with the collie litter so she and the collie have a lovely love affair going and snuggle whenever they're together. We take our collie for grooming in spring and fall and otherwise we keep him brushed. Burdock does tangle in his fur but he's very patient about standing for me to hand pick or mat rake it out. While our collie is a large dog (95 pounds) he eats a very modest amount and is a very disciplined eater. If we dish up more than he routinely eats he will leave it in the dish. He is also fastidious and will walk way out of his way to avoid a mud puddle. Most of the pups we raised ended up as house pets and their owners love them. Some of our pups ended up on other llama farms and the white male lives on a farm where he stays very clean and pristine also. Not sure if all collies are so fastidious but ours sure exemplified that trait. They can be barkers--it's almost like they get mesmerized by the sound of their own voice (our dog apparently by the feel of the barking). Interestingly he understands that we want him to be quiet if we shine a light out at the direction of his kennel at night. Pegasus is a wonderful companion when our great nephews visit and is always delighted to see them. We ended up with a litter of collies because we bought a pair of collies and learned after we had them that the female was pregnant so while the pups weren't in our plans we enjoyed them thoroughly and they all got good homes.

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