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My (rough) collie experience


United States

Posted July 8, 2015

This is my second rough collie I've owned. I've had similar experiences with both dogs. I presently have one rough collie and one smooth.

The good - both rough collies have been very smart. Obedience training was a breeze. They've both been very healthy. No major problems at all. My first collie lived to 14 years and passed peacefully. Collies are known to have eye issues, but with proper screening this can be avoided. The disposition of these dogs are great; my collies have never snapped at child or at another dog. My girls grew up around these dogs and would crawl on them and hang all over them with no issues. They might be disinterested and walk away, but I've never had one get aggressive. I can still put my hand in their food bowl while they are eating. My dogs do get plenty of exposure to other dogs and people as we take walks daily and go to the dog park. These are not high energy dogs. (This may be a con for some people). I mentioned we take daily walks, but sometimes I have to urge my collie to step up the pace. If I let her set the pace our walks would be leisurely strolls.

The bad - I have to mention the hair. And the shedding. And the hair. Rough collies need to be brushed weekly and groomed every few months. Even with this, about two times a year your collie will shed and it's hard to keep under control. Another con is the approachability of the collie. Although mine bark at strangers, I'm pretty sure it's all talk and they would pretty much let anyone enter my house. They can be couch potatoes to the extreme. I sometimes have to force my dogs up in the morning to go outside.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my rough collie. My biggest peeve is the hair and shedding. Collies are great with kids and I never feared leaving my dog alone with my children. I sometimes would like a dog that was a little more active, but sometimes the slower pace is nice too.

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