Collie (Rough)

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Texas, United States

Posted June 27, 2015

As soon as a Collie is sighted, everyone will start screaming Lassie. Few dogs have such a famous status as this breed, and if you own one you had better be prepared to handle a following. The Collie is a gentle giant, also famous for its good temperament with children. They are protective and will watch over your home and family, but will only react when absolutely necessary, and usually it's only their size that will deter people. As always, socialization and training from a young age will bring out the best in these dogs, without it, aggression and unhealthy levels of dominance can be a problem. I worked with two of these dogs in the past, and was able to see two different sides of the breed. One was a boisterous adolescent and the other was an older, three legged gentleman. The younger of the two was very active, always wanted to be by someone and was more inclined to be territorial. The older dog was a sweetheart, perfect for a child's dog, would watch over the property but was more inclined to warn than guard, and he liked his alone time. Training these dogs is pretty easy, the older ones can be stubborn and want to do their own thing, younger ones are typically more willing to learn, but with positive training and appropriate patience, it's a relatively easy job. The only major downside to a Collie is their thick fur. Daily brushing is a must, professional grooming is a big bonus, and there will be lots and lots of shedding. So the main points for this animal is their gentle personality and good sense, and the time needed to care for their coat. As usual, take into consideration the proper time required for your particular animal, and as long as that is met, these will be awesome family dogs.

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