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Posted June 24, 2015

I owned a Collie from a puppy until an adult. She was a sweet, sensitive soul. She was very intelligent and had a lot of personality. She was a great family pet and very beautiful.

She did have a very sensitive stomach and got carsick any time we were in the car for more than 15 or 20 minutes. She could not be fed a wide variety of foods or they would give her diarrhea.

Our collie was a major barker. She barked at the sky. One time we were out of town and my sister was petsitting and she let the dog out into the yard and then left for a while, thinking she'd come back in 45 minutes and put her back inside. When she came back there was an angry note on the door from an anonymous neighbor forbidding us to ever leave that dog out again.

She was high energy so if she wasn't walked she would run circles in the grass in the backyard. The barking seemed to happen no matter what. We finally gave her to my mother who loved her and had more time for her. The first night there someone called the cops because of her barking. So be warned that if you like to leave your dog outside, that may not be an option with a collie.

I would recommend the breed for families with children and those who have a lot of time to spend with their pets. Some breeds are more independent and don't mind being left, but collies do not seem to be one of those breeds in my experience.

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