Collie (Rough)

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Collies - Beauty, Intelligence, Gentle Companion


Fallbrook, California, United States

Posted April 26, 2010

The Collie is a gentle devoted companion.  The breed learns quickly and is eager to please, but a soft touch is absolutely necessary.  Harsh methods are never necessary with this breed and employing a heavy hand could easily destroy the dog’s spirit.  The Collie is an ideal family dog in that he is able to share devotion with every member of the family and has an innate ability to adjust his mood to that of the family member he is with.  The Collie absolutely must be part of the family and does not thrive in a home where he is kept outside away from his people.  Most Collies have a special affinity for children and are gentle with other household pets.  Collies will sound an alarm to alert the family of the approach of a stranger, but will be delighted to greet that same stranger if given the assurance that all is well.  Individual personalities within the breed can range from independent and aloof to super affectionate; with activity levels from exuberant to a bit lazy.  It is important to understand which personality will fit an adopting family best to insure a good match.

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