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Rough Collies - Intelligent, handsome, and loyal.


United Kingdom

Posted February 2, 2015

I picked up Coco from the pet shelter one Saturday many years ago.

Apparently he had just been tied to the lamp post outside the shelter and left there earlier that morning. I had JUST dropped by the shelter and been the first person to adopt him - There was a waiting line of two people behind me, waiting to adopt Coco if I had changed my mind.

I didn't. And what a choice it was.

Coco, as a Rough Collie, was extremely intelligent.
He was so, so, handsome, whenever I took him on walks, I got the unavoidable "Lassie! Here, Lassie!" (Don't ask me why he was named Coco, that was because of my sister-in-law.)

Anyway, my experience with Coco, and Rough Collies, was fantastic. Smart, loyal, extremely good family dogs. Only thing to take heed of - As "working dogs", they need a lot of exercise. Be sure that you can take them for at least a short walk every day, and a medium to long walk every 2-3 days at most. You should also have a large-ish garden for them to run around when they need to stretch their legs.

Lastly, Rough Collies are different from Smooth Collies. They have nice long fur, and they SHED. A LOT. So if you're looking to keep an indoor dog, this probably isn't the choice for you. Rough Collies belong outdoors - Don't coop them up.

If you have the chance to adopt or buy one, you won't regret it. Coco was my best friend for many years.

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