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The beautiful Allen


Posted January 10, 2015

Allen was the most beautiful and smart pet that I ever kept. He was the king of our courtyard.

I bought him from a professional breeder when he was only 1 month old. The "Lassie come home" movie was my favorite movie when I was a kid, so I was determined to have such a good friend. I named him Allen. I knew it was a beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Allen was very smart and insightful. He learned his and our names very quickly. I learnt him to adapt his pace for walking, and indeed he had a gorgeous stance while walking and running. He was attraction to all the people we'd meet. Whenever I think of him, only one characteristic comes to my mind - loyalty. He was such a sincere and devoted friend. I could spend whole day with him and never get bored.

It is worth mentioning that he won 1st place on a competition for beautiful dogs in his breed.

But, his eating habit was little awkward - he literally couldn't stop eating! My advice for all of you that want to keep such pet: get him used to only one meal in a day, as it is a best match for his energy and activities.

He also was a good watch dog, and he barked a lot on everything that seemed strange to him. And maybe that's the reason why some evil human creature decided to poison him with food. It was sincerely one of the saddest days of my life. I kept him for 6 years, and I definitely recommend this breed.

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