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My Rough Collies - Cindy and Angel


United Kingdom

Posted May 8, 2014

I bought my first Rough Collie in 1983, and she had already been given the name Cindy. As she was acknowledging this name I left her with it. She was very easy to train, although I did take her to obedience classes. She achieved a great deal, and thoroughly enjoyed doing the agility courses. I had 15 great years with her.

In September 2011 I was in a situation where I could have a new dog. Again I went for the Rough Collie as this feels like the perfect breed for me. Angel is her name, although she doesn’t really live up to her name at times. I was able to find the obedience class I took Cindy to, even though it’s changed hands a few times since. Angel loves to play more with her toys than Cindy did, plus when it comes to training she is at the opposite end of the scale. I have had to work extremely hard with her in the 2½ years I have had her.

This just proves to me that even if you have the same breed of dog throughout your life you can still get totally different characters. Angel is a barker, whereas Cindy didn’t bark much at all. Having said this, if I have the chance to have another dog in the future I would not hesitate when it comes to the Rough Collie.

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