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Posted October 1, 2015

Frankly saying, I was in doubt about writing this review. It’s hard for me to think about Milagros. That was the best dog I’ve ever knew in my life. Till now there’s a lump in my throat when I recall those memories of Milly.

Saying that she was perfect – is to say nothing. She was a faultless dog. She became the best friend of mine since I was 7. My parents bought her at a local market where people were selling puppies and kittens. She was a charming puppy with warm shining eyes, like dark brown honey. She was a Collie mix, her head was long and sharp, but the hair was quite short.

She trained easily and quick – she knew a lot of commands and she also understood our intonation. Mum would say “Milly, go find Rita (one of our dogs)!” - and she would go and perform such task!

As an adult dog she was extraordinary beautiful. I wish I could find some of her photos, but nothing about her remained. Except the memory of every family member… Everyone loved her, and everyone who would come to our house noticed her beauty and unusualness.

Her temperament was as great as her appearance – she was very intelligent and sometimes sly, but never – scummy. She was gentle and affectionate. She didn’t bark uselessly – she was always controlling the situation, knew what is happening around.

Milagros didn’t like cats but never chased those which we owned. She was also a great guard dog – she was looking after our cats, defending them from the neighbors’ dogs and cats, she looked after me when we were walking or sitting somewhere out of our place.

She knew that she must not touch children – neither our relatives, nor others. Perhaps, she somehow felt that these are little ones, that she mustn’t offend them. At least, nobody ever told her not to touch children and nobody saw her behaving aggressively towards them. There was no point in that – her behavior was perfect.

She could always get what she want using tender and funny artifice. She wasn’t aggressive, as I already mentioned, neither with kids, nor with our relatives or friends.

On the other side, if she felt that someone of our family was in danger, she became furious. It was such cold, powerful rage which made other dogs respect her. And as for the strange people outside – they preferred not to have troubles with that mad lioness even if they wanted to do something bad.

Milagros was usually fed with grain, meat, vegetables and even fruits. She was fond of watermelons and if you would say “ice cream” being at a distance of a mile from her – she would hear it.
There were also no problems with grooming – her coat was thick and quite short.

I loved her much. It is sad to realize that, perhaps, I loved her as I’ve never loved any pet... She passed away because of cancer. It was an awful day. I came home and my Mum was working at the kitchen. I was amazed when I realized she was crying. I asked if what happened, she was long in answering. Finally, I knew, that my best friend ended her days that afternoon. She was about 8 years old.

I think, I will never forget her.

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