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Bubbles, a wonderful champagne cocker spaniel


United States

Posted May 5, 2014

I could never have asked for a better friend when I was a kid. Bubbles, my cocker spaniel, was a great friend to me as I went through the struggle that is being a teenager. This dog seemed to know any time a member of the family was having a bad day and would nuzzle you at just the right time to make you feel better. She was never aggressive, at least not until she was much older, and she was very welcoming of new people after being introduced.

Bubbles would always alert us when someone was at the door, or if a squirrel had made it over the fence. She was a great watch dog and seemed to take the safety of the family as her personal duty. She was great when my sister was little, never being threatening to small kids or even other animals. She even tolerated my cat Corkscrew who could be very annoying to her when he tried to play, but Bubbles never snapped at him though at times a growl or two would happen. Never would Bubbles attack another person, but she was very vocal if a stranger was nearby. Once introduced to them by a member of the family she rarely had any problems. An introduction was a simple matter of allowing the dog to smell the stranger and possibly give them a lick and she'd trot off happy that we were aware.

Caring for her was fairly straight forward and simple, I filled her food bowl twice a day and made sure her water was fresh daily. Grooming was a bit beyond me at the time so I would take her to a groomer as opposed to doing it myself, but this seemed to make her happy as well. I do recommending checking to ingredients of the dog food. A Lot of places can be shady, make sure you have a diet that is best for your pet.

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