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Gus, The sweetest Cocker Spaniel


New York, United States

Posted May 1, 2014

When we first adopted Gus, I was very against his breed. I have had bad experiences with his breed in the past. The other two cockers that we had when I was way younger were both very attached to my Mom and they were aggressive when others approached her.

Gus is insanely friendly towards any and all that come to our home, any one willing to pet him in public pretty much anyone and everyone is his best friend.

He was also very easy to train. He even understands, "Go poop." He stands, he sits, he lays down, he rolls over... you get the picture. He will do anything for a pup corn.

I would have to say my favorite trick that he has learned is, "Take It." He does not take food whether its on the floor, in your hand or in his bowl unless you tell him he can.

The two other cockers we had were also quite brilliant. One would "Call 911." by running through the doggy door and howling until the neighbors came out and the other would turn the lights on and off through command.

The bad I would assume is pretty easy to figure out. He smells. Hes a very furry puppy and the smell just doesn't go away. Kind of like a ferret, he always has that faint odor, even after a bath.

And his ears! We learned the hard way that a cocker spaniels ears HAVE to be cleaned daily. They are very susceptible to ear infections and gunk builds up very fast.

He is very good with children and other pets, but he has been around them his entire life. Each pup is an individual. Where our other two were aggressive, he just is not. Maybe it was training, or maybe its just he has an awesome personality. Either way, I would highly recommend a cocker spaniel to anyone hat has enough money and time for proper grooming.

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